Saje Wellness

Saje Wellness

Saje Wellness is a brand that offers organic and pure essential oils. They are claimed to be fully organic without and synthetic agents and additives. They use ingredients in their purest form, but there are only 26 different essential oils to choose from. This is probably because this company solely does not deal with essential oils but also produces organic wellness products. The customer service is amazing and a friendly staff is available to answer any questions or deal with any kind of problems.

An amazing feature of this company is that the packaging is amazing plus it’s made of recyclable material which makes the product environment friendly. Saje Wellness does not display any test results or reports regarding the essential oils and lacks transparency, but they do claim to be 100% organic. They also claim that they are a cruelty free brand and don’t test products on animals. It’s nice to see that this brand cares about the environment and animals.

According to a large number of reviews (including mine of course), this is an amazing brand with amazing products. They say that the scent is potent and strong with an amazing natural looking color. The only downside for me is the fact that they don’t provide any kind of information on the scientific methods applied as well as the results.

  • Environmentally safe
  • Packing material is recyclable
  • Oil is organic and pure
  • Amazing return policy
  • Friendly staff and customer service
  • Expensive to some extent
  • Not too much variety to choose from
  • Don’t share scientific methods or results

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