What is Plant therapy?

From medieval times to the present era, plants have been used as a source of containing therapeutic properties. There is no doubt that the plants have some excellent healing properties, and humans have always taken advantage of it. Studies conducted in finding the physical benefits of plants have shown that herbal treatments are better than placebos. Placebos are the medicines or procedures carried out for the psychological benefits rather than physiological effects. Herbal based products have also been studied for use in deadly illnesses like cancer due to their anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

The Plant Therapy

From the above studies, we can surely conclude that if plants have shown to heal the physical illnesses in our bodies, it can improve, and it is possible to use them in the mental illnesses as well. There are numerous ways people can use the healing properties of plants in treating mental illness, including anxiety and depression. The best part of using Plant Therapy is, whether it has no side effects or the percentage is too low that it can be ignored or overlooked. Using plant therapy to treat mental illness can be a long-term thing. Still, it helps maintain the daily life routine compared to the medicines made from chemicals with side effects as adverse as they can be.

There are different types of plant therapies, we will only restrict one and discuss it in detail, and that is essential oils.

A Brief History of Plant Therapy’s Essential Oil Company


Plant Therapy Essential oils company was founded in 2011, having a mission to provide oils that are affordable and quality-oriented. Two years before, in 2009, President Chris Jones bought a company from his mother in law, which used to deal with natural beauty products, which were an aromatherapist. For this company, when he was sourcing essential oils in the marketplace, he realized the need for pure and quality essential oils as there was a shortage and especially at an affordable price. So, from there on, the legacy began, and it became the vision of the company.

The motto of the plant therapy’s essential oils company is strict, and they never sell essential oils without testing them till they know that the oils are 100% pure for the use of the customer. Customer reliance and experience matters to the company as they believe that nobody wants to buy fake or watered mixed oils. 

The company’s liaison with the world-famous essential oils specialist, Robert Tisserand, is the worth mentioning stakeholder at Plant Therapy Essential Oils Company, who specializes in utilizing several analytical labs at Plant Therapy.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils
Plant Therapy Essential Oils

“Our ultimate goal is not to be the largest essential oil company; it is to positively impact the lives of as many people as humanly possible. Ultimately, we feel this is possible only by providing our customers with an exceptional experience that keeps them coming back. By selling such a high-quality product at an affordable price, we not only positively affect our customers’ lives, but it also gives us the financial. means by which we can help those who are less fortunate to live a happy, healthier, and more productive life.” – Chris Jones, President of Plant Therapy, Inc.

The best thing about Plant therapy – Essential Oils

  1. Quality of Essential Oil is Supreme

The Best Essential oils are tested and smell pure with a strong aroma, which is authentic. The best part is they don’t smell fake or chemically processed. Personal testimonials can also be taken for assurance about the testing of oils as they were observed to breathe great with the blend of different oils brands. The most favorite ones to smell are lavender and lemongrass; they have a very pure and distinct smell that can’t be compared to any of the brands in the market.

2. Plant Therapy Essential Oils are tested by third parties

They claim that any company or individual can test their products and check Plant therapy’s Essential oils quality, as the company itself strictly evaluates their product and sends them to the third part for testing as a fair and transparent procedure. 

3. Product Line-up of Essential oil is great

In case you are new to their product line, you will be able to find any variant you wish to proceed with the essential oils of Plant Therapy. Which includes certified organic oils, Storage cases, Organic oils, blends, roll-ons, products for men, and body lotions.

4. Essential Oil Kids Safe Product line

This product line primarily focuses on the kid’s specific issues. They are designed to address those issues in the little ones with safety as Plant therapy’s essential oils primary concern.

More reasons to believe Plant Therapy’s Essential Oil Legitimacy

The therapeutic essential oils from Plant therapy do not utilize GMO, i.e., Genetically modified organisms. They are instead referred to as GMP, which means Good Manufacturing Practice, which is certified for use in the sustainable farming of plants to extract oil from them.

The analysis on individual molecules of the essential oils is performed by GC/MS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry), a testing standard for the best quality of essential oils in the market using zero fertilizers and are also USDA organic in nature.

In the procedure of Gas Chromatography, it uses a computer that provides a linear graph, that records in the form of charts about the individual components for purity and authentic quality. Plant therapy essential oils are manufactured, keeping our health and safety concerns as prime factors, so it is suggested for using their products without any worries and health concerns. The oils are made from seeds.

  • ·        Plant Therapy Quality Assurance: The product line of Plant therapy’s essential oils are 100 % pure and made from the highest quality. Because they undergo the best and strictest quality standards & testing procedures, they can’t be compared to any other product competition. That is what the company also claims about. As already mentioned, the testing at Plant Therapy was developed by the world’s most renowned essential oils expert, Robert Tisserand of Tisserand Institute. Although he does not work actively and works in a partnership with Plant therapy’s essential oils company, his formed standards are still followed at the company.
  • Sourcing of Essential Oil: Essential oils at Plant therapy are made from different parts of the fruits and plants. The pieces they are made from could be; seeds, roots, flower roots, barks, and other parts of the plants.

Where does the Plant therapy’s Essential Oils company source their Oils from?

essential oil sourcing map

Plant therapy sources oils from the different countries of the world. Since their standards are strict, they carefully examine their farmers, distillers, or suppliers to make sure the assurance over commitment to their quality standards. In this standard procedure, Plant therapy ensures the supplier’s background, market repo, and commitment to quality standards before getting raw material from a supplier or a farmer. It is a usual practice at Plant therapy to at least examine through testing 3 and maximum 5 samples, from different farmers, suppliers for each product of their essential oils. This critical selection procedure ensures quality ingredients are used in the manufacturing of their product before distillation and oils are produced. Essential oils that are going to come out from your medicine cabinet, quality sourcing is the step where it began.

Distillation of Essential Oil

After selecting the quality raw material that will be used in the next process, the distillation process is used. Plant therapy works with quality & committed well-known distillers that can consistently guarantee purity and quality in the essential oils they distill. 

Testing of Essential Oil

Plant Therapy CBD Label
Plant Therapy CBD Label

In the first step, Plant therapy’s essential oils are organoleptically tested by their approved and certified aromatherapists. Organoleptic testing means smelling the oils using strip testing from time to time. These are some of the traits of oils that are physically not seen until they reach 30 minutes or more. This also includes the color, consistency, and physical appearance of the oils; after this, it will be true to say that you can compare their quality with the set standards as the quality oils should look like and smell.

The next phase is to send these essential oils to third party laboratories, where these oils will undergo a sophisticated testing system, which includes GC/MC testing, as discussed in detail before. 

All the bottles that you get from Plant Therapy carry a specific batch code, mentioning the right batch of oils in your container. This batch number is directly associated with the testing reports for each batch of the bottle oils. Customers’ reports are fully public, and anybody can access them to make sure about its authenticity. You can visit the essential oils page and click on Test reports to access them. Plant therapy working criteria are very open and authentic, as they don’t only opt for third party testing reports. Still, all these reports are signed by chemists to make sure that no editing is done and thus making them genuine and authentic. These criteria of Plant therapy are something that most of the manufacturers don’t do, and they try to keep something or the other hidden to make a gimmick at the back of customers. This point also speaks loud to the customers that essential oils at Plant therapy are real, and they just want to make people believe and rely on their product, but to make them feel in the phenomenon that seeing and experiencing is believing.

Are Plant Therapy Essential Oils, Therapeutic Grade?

The answer to this is certainly no! But finding of why just go through the explanation given below:

Therapeutic grade is simply a marketing gimmick that most companies use to make their brands authentic. As per the trends set by other companies to follow so, the people believe the authenticity of the essential oils and start relying on them. Marketing gimmicks are simply the fake endorsements made by companies so that people fall prey to them and start using their products. As a result, the companies earn a significant number of profits from the customers. Marketing gimmick usually begins with a fear message and tells the masses that if they are not using them, they will be on stake, and by using their product, they will overcome their problem. Lie! No company follows this practice of getting their essential oils tested by a third party, so the right way of looking into a product’s credibility is to see if they are testing them by the third party. That’s called impartiality and transparency, and Plant therapy does this. So, the term therapeutic grade, especially in the processing of essential oils, is used to ridicule the public; in reality, it is just a gimmick.

Are You an Essential Oils Freak?

To be an essential oil freak, having an obsession with using essential oils, you must know the details of the company you are buying the oils from. Talking about Plant Therapy, they have an excellent reputation because of the purity & quality of the oils and the experience people have after using the Plant Therapy essential oils. As a company, it is not easy to maintain purity & quality standards and fill the demand for quality products when there is a shortage of pure essential oils. Essential oils are often used by people who love aromatherapy in their homes and workplaces, by massage parlors and physical therapists. You can utilize these oils in diffusers or as a massaging oil used for wellness as aromatherapists and physical therapists do. For getting the extended experience, you may try all Plant therapy lines such as oils creation in singles, blends, roll-ons, carrier oils for massages, and much more.

Essential Oil – Single Oils

The small bottle with Jasmine Absolute is a kind of so soothing and exotic that you will fall in love with it. And the best part is that it is Kidsafe too. You can utilize a diffuser with water and also can use it directly. It produces such a pleasant smell that enters your nasals and stays for quite long, giving you also an excellent smelling sensation and energy through your body. The flowers it is made from are the Jasmine from India, and they carry a very good smell. It also blends easily with other oils like; Bergamot, Balsam and Clary Sage & many others can be added into these carrier oils. The addition will inevitably produce an enhanced feeling of smoothness and calmness when using for massage purposes. The scent of the flowers will lift your mood and provide you an overall new smelling sensation soothing your brain and body. Adding a few drops in your bathtub will help refresh your skin and senses. When applying your skin directly, you can dilute it at 0.7% with water to enjoy a soothing feel on your skin and a relaxed body for the entire day. You can also utilize these oils for sore throats, even for getting relief from the seasonal cold and flu.

Plant Therapy
Essential Oil – Single Oils

Essential Oil Blends

Plant Therapy Bouquet Blend Synergy Essential Oil
Plant Therapy Bouquet Blend Synergy Essential Oil

The bottle of these oils is large and can contain 30 ml of the oils. They work as giving you relaxation for soothing your body. This blend includes the aroma from the flowers of Lavender & Palmarosa, blended with the sharp and bright notes of Lemon and Mandarin. On top of this, it also contains a blend of Ho Wood, which is healthy for letting you breathe sweet air through your nasals and giving you a clear mind. For the people who utilize room fresheners and sprays in their offices and home and recommended to use this blend from Plant Therapy essential oils. They are pure, healthy to your mind and body and not dangerous like the room sprays and fresheners that contain chemicals and are harmful to you to inhale, especially to the kids. The product is called Friday, Friday, which is all about spring cleaning containing essential oils. Plant Therapy brings you the perfect products for your body care, mind, and home cleaning. The use of essential oils as cleaners in soaps and disinfectants has been in the news for quite a long time, especially when it comes to potential antimicrobial activity, 

Roll-Ons of Essential Oil

This roll-on bottle contains 10 ml of pre-diluted aroma; it is precisely what you need as a day booster. It can be used for offices, for parties to smell good for a considerably long period. It gives you a soothing aroma to boost your energy and a good and clean feeling that none other essential oils aroma companies can do. The aroma gem it contains is from Somalia, and it is Frankincense. It is also used in Chinese medicines as a cure from swelling, bruising, soreness, and pain from traumatic injuries. Great for mind and body! It helps mature skin to keep it moisturized when used with creams. It carries a medium-strength, not very strong with a green, balsamic lemonwood aroma that fills your day with soothing smelling sensation and energy.

plant therapy kid safe oils review

Plant therapy launched its first Kidsafe essential oils line in 2014. The oils are specially meant for the kids aged 2-10. These oils are made keeping Kids safe as their prime concern. Indeed great news for the parents who have children under this bracket, as most parents go looking around for quality products in the market, and even if they find the products, they will not keep them from getting worried until they try and experience the products. Parents are always concerned about using the product and getting tense about the side effects they are going to get, especially skin allergies or reactions. The significant problems Parents face in using the products are; they are not safe for kids and safety element is not the manufacturer’s prime concern.

Plant therapy Kid-safe line is specially designed to address the issues and ailments that are very usual in the age bracket used by Plant Therapy. Common diseases include; stuffy noses, super aggressiveness, and rough red skin. All the blends of essential oils at Plant Therapy have easy to remember names, especially keeping child-friendly names. Like Germ Destroyer, Ear Ease, and Sneezy stop. It becomes a fascination for kids to have this line, especially for kids, and also labeled as kids. At Plant therapy, it is a message to masses that they believe kids are significant in the family, and particular importance has been given to them by introducing a whole new line specifically for them.  

The product line of Kidsafe essential oils are 100% pure, undiluted, and prediluted roll-ons, so it becomes easier for parents to utilize for their little ones. The added benefits of the kid-safe essential oils are they are as useful to utilization for adults also, because they carry full-strength essential oils ingredients; at the same time, they are safe for the usage of kids.

It is quite understandable that there are no such ingredients used which are not safe for kids. E.g., peppermint can potentially cause breathing problems in kids, Thyme essential oils can use irritation on the soft skin of the kids, and Ylang Ylang can bring allergies on the skin of kids. So, at Plant Therapy, these ingredients are not used in the blends of oils, as they can potentially harm kids. This means a lot when companies omit such essential oils elements just because of the kids; it makes one think about what value Plant Therapy gives to the kids! Because of this gesture, the company assures the safety of Kidsafeline being kept in the manufacturing of Kids oils. Parents should go for this line without any fear as they are 100% pure and safe for the utilization of kids under the age bracket of 2-10. Cheers to the happy parents and their children!

Essential Oil Being Tested by Internationally Recognized Aromatherapist

The Plant therapy Kidsafe line has also been developed and designed by internationally recognized aromatherapy expert Robert Tisserand, who has extensive experience dealing in essential oils through research and testing. He has been testing essential oils professionally for over 40 years now. Vast and extensive research and quality & testing have been done to create such a safe line for kids. No other can match their quality and testing standards.   

Items other than Essential Oils

Although the mainline at Plant therapy include; the essential oils for adults, Kid-safe oils, and men products. Except for products for men, the rest have been discussed in detail previously in this article. The others include diffusers, essential oils carrying cases, jewelry, books, own essential oils storage bottles, and packing qualities; in case you want to make your own oils’ blend, Himalayan Salt Inhaler, and fragrance test strips. They may sound indirect to the line of Plant Therapy, but some way or the other, they relate to the essential oils and provide a great deal of assistance in using these oils. Some may have no direct relation to essential oils. Still, since Plant Therapy has become a brand, people expect some gift certificates, ornaments, and other things to utilize them for brand recall for Plant Therapy. Due to the expectation of people, such a line exists, and it is solely because of the people’s demand that these products do exist at Plant Therapy. People like to wear jewelry made by Plant Therapy; they also do like to smell the Himalayan Salt in the form of the inhaler as they feel pride using these products made by Plant Therapy, and these products add value to them. They want to continue using such products made by Plant Therapy.

Essential Oil Products for Men

Essential Oil Products for Men
Essential Oil Products for Men

At Plant Therapy, you will get products for men; body oils, beards, and mustache balms are not greasy at all. It nourishes the beard and mustache, giving it a healthier and shinier look and also helps in their growth. Men are considered to be rough and tough; at the same time, they like products for grooming their personality. At Plant Therapy, we take good care of men by offering products for men range, especially to enhance their character other than clothing and apparel. By using these products for men, beards will look healthier and revived. Even in the summers, these products will not make them feel hot, and their hairs will not go dry and tangled up or greasy with the balm products of Plant Therapy. You can utilize it if you are a new beard keeper or you have grown for ages. This line is made by Plant Therapy, with particular emphasis on eliminating the dry itching under the skin of the beard. The ingredients used in the making of these healthy skin products are; Beeswax, Almond oils, Jojoba oils, Shea Butter, Sandalwood, Vitamin E, Cinnamon, and Cassia. Men are going to love these for sure!

Oil of the Month Club Subscription

oil of the month club plant therapy

If you are oils fanatic and want to put your aromatherapy on a schedule, you can opt for their exclusive deals, which nobody has got access to. You should join their Oil of the month club. When you become a member of the club, you get 25% off on the products, and every month you will receive new oils without even placing an order or doing any hassle. And that is when you become a member of the club. If you are not sure about the deal and want to try before going to become a member of the club, you can order one-off mystery oils at $20 for a month, but when you become a member of the club, you will get 25% off, making your monthly cost reduced to $15 a month. That is awesome!

If you are thinking about the freshness of the oil as compared to the ones in-store, they are 100% fresh and exclusively meant for the club members, and have never been to stores and made only for club members. Sometimes the club offers; single oils, sometimes a synergy, and the bottle sizes will be 2.5 ml – 30 ml. The best part is that these oils are exclusively made for the members and not available in the store. Maybe in the future, they will become the line of Plant Therapy to be added for sale to the public at online stores; but oils of the month club make oils exclusively for the members only and not for the general public who hit the online store and make an order.   

 Plant Therapy’s Essential Oil -Planting Kindness

Plant Therapy is a Brand now, their customers are worldwide, and their popularity is across the different countries of the world. Their customers have made them one of the best companies dealing in essential oils and claiming to be the purest because of their third-party testing methodology. Their planting kindness is an act of philanthropy they are doing to support different people about different backgrounds and communities. They contribute to Education, Food, and various programs related to the survival of humanity. At Plant Therapy, it is a belief when you are getting from customers in terms of revenue and respect and recognition, they must payback, and that is how they pay back as Planting Kindness. Humans grow plants, take care of them, give them water and necessary nutrients. In return, plants provide fruits to humanity. Superb is the logic and kindness behind! So, giving back to society surely adds value to the lives of people who are underprivileged and deprived. At Plant Therapy, several volunteer and kindness programs have been conducted in the past, and they have brought a tremendous amount of help and ease in the lives of people. So getting from people and giving back to people is an act that must go on, it is a cycle that will never end at Plant Therapy.

Dilution of Essential Oils – Why is there a need for diluting essential oils?

The safety of essential oils depends directly upon their dilution. Applying or using essential oils directly on the skin can cause irritation and allergies, or it can even worsen due to the concentration of oils and the reaction they might create by using them directly. With world-renowned aromatherapist, Robert Tisserand emphasizes the importance of diluting the essential oils and states that necessary oils dilution has two primary safety concerns. One is to avoid skin reactions, which include; irritation, sensitization, and phototoxicity. The second is to prevent ourselves from systemic toxicity such as; fetotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, carcinogenicity, and neurotoxicity. These reactions are prune to happen with people who are allergic to essential oils, and they are apparent if they occur. So the point of diluting the essential oils and adhering to safety guidelines is to minimize the risk.

Without getting into too many technicalities of the subject, the point of diluting the essential oils is simply to minimize adverse reactions and systemic toxicity. Applying essential oils directly to the skin can be a smooth ground for short term and long-term adverse reactions, and it is better to avoid the risk and dilute the essential oils as a precautionary measure. It not only saves your skin but also keeps you away from all sorts of adverse skin reactions. Also, there is another advantage for diluting the essential oils, other than safety purposes. Diluting with the carrier oils prevents the oil from evaporating as fast as it could if carrier oils are not used. The quantity gets extended by adding carrier oils into the essential oils, giving you a significant portion of your skin as compared to using it without carrier oils and facing the risks while getting the oils over with just a few applications on the skin. 

Plant Therapy Dilution Chart
Plant Therapy Dilution Chart

Dilution Rates for Different Oils in Different Situations for Essential Oil

The recommendation from the Tisserand Institute for the dilution rate of essential oils is implied at Plant Therapy. The values taken are based on approximation and are rounded to whole drops. Also, it should be kept in mind that “drops” are not the absolute measurement; it depends on the size of the orifice (hole of the dropper) and the viscosity of the oils. Also, it must be noted that dilution rates imply all kinds of oils; it is according to different oils used in different situations.

1% dilution rate of Essential Oil

The rate is suggested for children who are over 2 years of age, and oils are being used for facial purposes, daily or used on a long-term basis. 

  • 10 mL/ 2 tsp = 3 drops
  • 15 mL/ 3 tsp/ 1 tbsp = 4 drops
  • 30 mL/ 6 tsp/ 2 tbsp/ 1 oz = 9 drops

2% dilution of Essential Oil

The rate applies to children while taking a bath and using essential oils as whole-body products. This rate is recommended for daily utilization or regular use with oils.

Many of Plant Therapy’s Kid-safe oils/blends have dilution suggestions form the range of 2-5%. It is perfectly safe for the utilization in children under 10 years of age. It is best to start with a low rate of dilution then switch to higher as needed and when required.  

  • 10 mL/ 2 tsp =  6 drops
  • 15 mL/ 3 tsp/ 1 tbsp =  9 drops
  • 30 mL/ 6 tsp/ 2 tbsp/ 1 oz =  18 drops

3% dilution of Essential Oil

This percentage of dilution is suggested for treating local discomfort.

  • 10 mL/ 2 tsp =  9 drops
  • 15 mL/ 3 tsp/ 1 tbsp =  13 drops
  • 30 mL/ 6 tsp/ 2 tbsp/ 1 oz =  27 drops

5% dilution of Essential Oil

This rate is applied and suggested for short term utilization for a very specific concern and it should be no longer than two weeks.

  • 10 mL/ 2 tsp =  15 drops
  • 15 mL/ 3 tsp/ 1 tbsp =  22 drops
  • 30 mL/ 6 tsp/ 2 tbsp/ 1 oz =  45 drops

10% dilution

This percentage of dilution is recommended for small areas of concern and This rate is recommended for small areas of concern and severe unpleasant situations.

  • 10 mL/ 2 tsp =  30 drops
  • 15 mL/ 3 tsp/ 1 tbsp =  45 drops
  • 30 mL/ 6 tsp/ 2 tbsp/ 1 oz =  90 drops

The rate is suggested for children who are over 2 years of age and oils are being used for facial purposes; daily or used on a long-term basis.

Dilution for Young Children at Plant Therapy

As children possess thin, soft porous skin that quickly absorbs anything being applied. At Plant Therapy, they strictly don’t recommend utilizing essential oils on premature infants, but they can be used with little or specific quantities on full-term infants. The prescribed dilution to follow to avoid unwanted circumstances for babies 0-3 months old is the percentage range of; 0.10% to 0.20%. This equals 1-2 drops of Plant Therapy’s Essential Oils per one ounce of carrier oils when used on infants for whole-body application. In case you want to utilize it as spots, you can utilize 3-9 drops of Plant Therapy’s Essential Oils per 1 ounce of the carrier oils. On the other hand, if you want to use children under 2 years of age, then it is advised to take the opinion of a registered Aromatherapist or medical practitioner to avoid unwanted circumstances or keep safety measures on priority.

For children between the ages of 3-24 months, it is suggested to utilize a general dilution percentage of 0.25% to 0.5%. This nearly comes to 2-4 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of the carrier oils used when applying on the whole body. For utilization as a spot usage, it is recommended to use 9-27 drops of Plant Therapy’s essential oils per 1 ounce of the carrier oils. For use on children between the ages of 2-6 years, it is suggested to use a general dilution percentage between 1% – 2%. This reasonably equals 9-18 drops of essential oils per 1 ounce of the carrier oils used when applying on the whole body. It is recommended to use 9-45 drops of essential oils used per ounce of the carrier oils for using it as a spot usage. 

Spring Cleaning Edition of Plant Therapy’ Brand

In spring, as it is considered to be a good time for cleaning, cleaning is, in fact, critical despite the seasons, it has now become an essential aspect of our lives. Keeping this in mind, Plant Therapy has some exciting and aromatic cleaning alternatives for your house cleaning objectives. The product is called Friday, which is all about spring cleaning containing essential oils. Plant Therapy brings you the perfect products for your body care, your mind, and your home cleaning as well. The use of essential oils as cleaners in soaps and disinfectants has been in the news for quite a long time, especially when it comes to potential antimicrobial activity. Current scientific bodies are reviewing medieval/ancient systems of care and prevention, and surprisingly they are producing impressive results. In a nutshell, this product of Plant Therapy, “FriYaY,” is the most renowned cleansing oil for your household.

Lemon Oil of Plant Therapy’s Brand

Lemon Oil of Plant Therapy’s Brand
Lemon Oil of Plant Therapy’s Brand

Lemon already has the acidic cleansing nature in it, and when clubbed with antibacterial & antiviral properties, Lemon essential oils is one of the most densely used cleaners across countries. Lemon is also frequently used in detergents, especially as a kitchenware cleansing detergent due to its substantial property of cleaning the greasy dirt from them. At Plant Therapy, Their Lemon oils are extracted through the peel of lemon fruit using a cold-pressed extraction method. It is 100 percent pure, with no artificial additives or filters. You will observe that a few drops from this Lemon essential oil extract from the lemon peel will give your DIY cleaner refreshing and sanitized presentation. The lemon oils quickly get rid of grease, grime, and residue from your kitchenware and the countertops. With a little addition of baking soda, make your kitchen shine, sparkle with Lemon aroma throughout your kitchen, and get a good, clean feeling while enjoying the lemon aroma. To add something to your kitchen after you are done tidying up the place, you can use a topical Lemon Essential Oils. For doing that you can mix 2% of the carrier oils, please note that you have to use the rate accurately and not more than that on your skin for maintaining the beauty of your skin as well. It also helps in acne, oily skin, warts, athletes’ foot, and varicose veins. You can also add a few drops to your diffuser for feeling the fresh aroma to last even longer. Make the diffuser add up with equal amounts of lemon and peppermint for getting the extra boost from the diffusers

How to Use

  • It should be noted that Lemon Essential Oils can cause photo sensitivity.
  • And to avoid this it is suggested to dilute 2% off Lemon Essential Oils in your carrier oils.
  • On the contrary, you can add 2-3 drops to your diffuser for a healthy respiratory system and boost your oxygen intake from the unique diffusers.

Important things to remember about Plant Therapy’s Oil Brand

  • Is it Kid Safe?  Yes
  • Is it Pregnancy & Nursing Safe?  Yes
  • Is it Pup & Pony Approved? Yes
  • What is the Shelf Life? 1-2 years

Tea Tree Oil of Plant Therapy’s Brand

Tea Tree Oil of Plant Therapy’s Brand

As we talked about Lemon Oils of Plant Therapy, similarly, Tea Tree is also considered to be the most highly valued and popular essential oil for cleaning purposes of Plant Therapy. It produces refreshing woody aroma and acts as a general antiseptic surface cleaner when it gets mixed with vinegar. It is best for thorough spring-cleaning objectives.

Other than spring cleaning, Tea Tree Essential Oil is fashionable to be known as producing remarkable results when used in treating blemishes, acne, and irritated skin. In doing that, you need to dilute the Tea Tree with your carrier oil with a 5 % rate and apply it to the problem area for quick cure and relief. You can mix Tea Tree oil with your shampoo to cure the dandruff problem and other scalp issues. On the other side, it can also be used to treat your immune system and get relief in sunburn skin. Develop a paste by using Tea Tree Essential oil’s nine drops with lavender and two tablespoons of your carrier oils for a healthy and proper immune system. You can also use the diffuser by using any floral essence, say Jasmine or Lavender Absolute, to get a healthy respiratory system by breathing aromatic fresh air through your lungs from the diffusers.

How to Use

· You need to dilute Tea Tree Oil with 5% into your carrier oil, using it on small affected places, or dilute about 1-2% of it for regular use of skin applications.

· Dilute about 2% with vinegar for cleaning surfaces. You can also add a few drops to your diffuser for boosting pleasant aroma through your room to get a soothing and pleasing smell sensation around you from the diffusers.

  • You need to dilute Tea Tree Oil with 5% into your carrier oil, using it on small affected places, or dilute about 1-2% of it for regular use of skin applications.
  • Dilute about 2% with vinegar for cleaning surfaces. You can also add a few drops to your diffuser for boosting pleasant aroma through your room to get a soothing and pleasing smell sensation around you from the diffusers.

Important things to remember about Plant Therapy’s Oil Brand

  • Is it Kid Safe?  Yes
  • Is it Pregnancy & Nursing Safe?  Yes
  • Is it Pup & Pony Approved? No
  • What is the Shelf Life? 1-2 years

Organic Fruit Oil of Plant Therapy’s Brand

At Plant Therapy, it belongs to the same family of Sweet Orange; however, their Blood Orange Essential Oil has a bit stronger and more intense aroma than Sweet Orange; it’s more like a citrus smell. Like their other essential oils, Blood Orange acts as an excellent cleaning agent, and the aroma it produces is something that gives you a clean smelly feeling.

It can be used as a cleaning agent, and when you are done cleaning, you can use it to nurture and get good care using this essential oil. You can add a few drops of Blood Orange Essential Oil into your diffuser to create a fresh and revived smell around you, and boost your atmosphere. As it depends mainly on what you eat, how much you sleep, and exercise for getting a strong feeling, it also depends upon the environment and relation with your mood. It relies on the kind of smell your intake and the consequences you get to your body in terms of attitudes and deep feelings. Its fruity aroma is the best in lifting your mood, especially when you are low and sad. You need to add a few drops to your inhaler and get a lift-up feeling and energize yourself within minutes. On top of providing a lift-up mood, this also does the work in romantic situations. For lifting your sentimental mood and dealing with romantic situations, add five drops of Blood Orange with two drops of Love Vanilla along with one each drop of Jasmine Absolute and Vetiver oil to one ounce of lotion or massage oil for getting your life best romantic encounter.  

How to Use

  • · For using it topically, you need to dilute 2-4% in a carrier oil and enjoy the benefits of getting healthier-looking skin.
  • · You can use this in your diffuser, too, by applying 3-4 drops per 100 ml of water for a soft, sweet, and sensational aroma.

Important things to remember about Plant Therapy’s Oil Brand

  • Is it Kid Safe?  Yes
  • Is it Pregnancy & Nursing Safe?  No
  • Is it Pup & Pony Approved? Yes
  • What is the Shelf Life? 1-2 years

Rewards Program at Plant Therapy

In their rewards program, you can buy products that are the same as you do with cash for making future purchases. You need to register yourself as a customer on their website simply. It is not the usual one where you need to make the minimum purchases for getting eligible for reward points. You can redeem your points when you get added more than 500 points to your reward point score. Moreover, you can join their wholesale group if you have a business and are buying for commercial purposes. For qualifying this criterion, you need to agree to sell, market, and distribute Plant Therapy products in a retail store. Limitations are; you cannot sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other similar websites.

My take on Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Plant Therapy Essential Oil
Plant Therapy Essential Oil

Plant Therapy is a well-known brand across countries, and people know them because of their quality and service over the years. Through their balanced and beneficial lines, they have not only convinced the customers but also have created the need for using their brand. Plant Therapy is now a part of many people’s lives, where they cannot live without it and are dependent on their products. Why not! They are serving people’s lives through their pure Essential Oils products and paying back the society in terms of; beauty products, self-care products, cleaning products, men care products, skin care products, and on top of its Kid-safe products. On the other hand, they have paid back society in different CSR activities as they believe that if you are getting a lot of respect and care from the customers, they must pay back to those who are deprived of even the necessities of life. The best part about their products is; they test from a third party, which is the biggest impartiality. They have shown to the customers that their claim about purity is not what they believe; it is what the neutral bodies testify about them.


  • · When it comes to the selection of Essential oils, it is so transparent and impartial that anybody wishing access to it can get their doubts clear.
  • · On the other hand, this practice can’t be seen from any of the manufacturers/companies where policies are so open and transparent that they keep their customers in the loop about everything.
  • · Their distiller’s selection criteria are one of the finest, where there is no chance of having impure essential oils and selling to customers with a false claim. They also have rejected and do not follow the marketing gimmicks used by other companies to make people believe in their product’s authenticity.
  • · Their customer experience speaks a lot from those who have used their products, who is now their permanent clients and have become loyal customers. It is because of their quality of the essential oils, their service, their offers, and their third-party testing system.
  • · They have with them the world-renowned aromatherapist who has tested essential oil products for years. What else anybody wants from them? Their packing of bottles, their labeling about the information, their boxes to keep the essential oils, everything is good at its peak.
  • · Their customer response through reply is tremendous as they keep a stranglehold on their customers in educating themselves about the product or any query they have.
  • · They have an oil of the month club, where customers can subscribe to it and get an overall new essential oil every month. They also give their subscribed customers a discount of 25%. The best thing is that if you become a member of the club, get the essential oils different from the ones that are in stores. They never use this essential oil of the club products on their general store for the general public, maintaining exclusivity to their club customers and providing the best service for their loyal ones.

Lastly, they have managed and uniquely maintained their quality; they have made their system so effective that it seems that they will go up the ladder in years to come instead of climbing downwards. However, some of their products require consultation from a practitioner or aromatherapist before using them on the children. Although it is safe and perfect for use, prevention is still better than cure, and that is what they tell their customers to do. The percentage of essential oils to be mixed with the carrier oils needs to be followed on a strict basis to avoid any unforeseen situation to deal with it afterward. About safety, they have mentioned a lot, and it seems that they do emphasize a lot on the safety measure themselves, which is indeed a better view in relying on a company where the safety concerns are serious, they mentioned at all levels.