NOW Foods

NOW Foods Essential Oils

NOW Foods Essential Oils

NOW Foods Essential Oils is one of the most known and oldest on our list. It’s been in the business for 50 years. They also perform the required tests in their own personal laboratory. The evaluation of the essential oils is performed by a variety of tests which are used to detect any impurity or the presence of adulterants. GC-FID method as well as mass spectroscopy is used for this purpose. This company offers a variety of essential oils with various intentions like romance oil or relaxation oil.

The website of NOW Foods Essential Oils is very complex in my point of view and hard to understand. All the products are certified and the certifications are uploaded on the complex website.

The company is quite clear and exposes everything about their product and the information including non-GMO, cold pressed products and that they are absolutely organic. The company also provides options on how you can use the essential oils, which is amazing.

NOW Foods Essential Oils also don’t use deceiving methods to attract customers and are very open about their products. But they are expensive. This brand has been in the market for a very long time and has a lot of experience along with numerous positive reviews and feedback.

  • Products are tested in their own labs as well as outside labs
  • The company provides all the information regarding the product
  • Most products are 100% organic
  • Company also emphasizes on educating the consumer on what they are using as well as provides recipes for the oils
  • Expensive to some extent
  • The website is beyond complicated and hard to understand and you have to work hard to find the prices online

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