Naturally Made Essentials

Naturally Made Essentials

This brand was founded by Lauren and it provides toxin free and organic essential oils. The founders wanted a safer and toxin free environment for their families so they started to research and work on essential oils.

The essential oils they offer are for cleaning, skin care, allergies, headaches and so much more. My favorite part of Naturally Made Essentials is that they give a detailed explanation about all the essential oils that they offer. They provide even the tiniest information like the origin of the product, its uses as well as if it has been approved and tested by the FDA or not.

Their essential lavender oil is one of the best which is recommended to be used in an air freshener. The beautiful lavender smell also helps with anxiety problems. Nowadays, essential oils are even prescribed in conventional medicine for patients with anxiety, which is also admitted by the brand itself.

This company is new in the market but is going great with numerous positive reviews and feedback. Lavender Essential Oils is not a much known brand yet but it is soon to be if they keep up the good work. If you need any kind of information about their products, you can call them and ask as many questions as you like.

  • the brand is transparent
  • the customer service is great and you can all in working hours
  • they have amazing reviews by consumers
  • they have a 30-day money back guarantee
  • with each product, the customer gets test results that were performed
  • the herbs are cultivated in a well organized manner
  • this brand is new
  • they lack scientific research on the oil

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