Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs

This brand has some amazing features. The oils are exclusively organic and they are from GMO free farms. They are well known for their organic and natural herb growth and they use renewable sources of energy and they are certified.

They emphasize natural growth, this is why their oils have a specific scent and they are thicker in nature. Each of the essential oils contains a detailed explanation describing the method used for preparation and the type of plants that were used during Mountain Rose Herbs production.

We get all the data regarding their organic and natural nature from the company. They only relate themselves to those suppliers that work naturally and use renewable energy sources.

This brand performs more tests than any other essential oil brand out there. They perform identity tests as well as moisture tests. But they only provide test results on demand.

What doesn’t make sense is that they have the ability to perform so many tests and they are certified, so why don’t they post the results online? They only supply them on demand and this is a bit strange.

  • Not as expensive
  • Herbs obtained from organic farms
  • Farms use renewable source of energy
  • Trustworthy, known brand
  • Perform a large number of tests that are not performed by other brands
  • You have to request the test results
  • They have a few options in essential oils

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