Edens Garden

Edens Garden

Eden's Garden

This brand has been in the essential oil business for 20 years and is a well known brand. They are an experienced and conventional brand that offers amazing quality and pure essential oils. They offer not just single oils but also mixtures of various oils.

They emphasize on providing fresh batches of oil to their consumers that are extremely pure and safe to use. The company replaces oils that are two weeks or older because of their focus on fresh products.

They offer amazing packaging in amber bottles that are light resistant and ensuring the quality of the essential oil. Some of the products are certified on an organic basis while others are not. The Edens Garden brand has no problem discussing which ones are certified and which ones aren’t. We highly appreciate this factor.

Each of the products of this company has to pledge to EDENS which represents effective, dedicated, educated, natural and safe. This pledge is made by the company itself but it’s great that this company has maintained a standard for itself.

All of the oils are GC/MS tested and they have a therapeutic value and are free from additives and synthetic compounds. While some of their products are not tested this well and lack scientific evidences.

  • The value for money is great
  • Known, trustworthy brand
  • Transparent brand
  • Have their own standards they follow (EDENS)
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Proper testing is performed
  • Some products lack proper testing
  • Some products are inorganic ( but they are mentioned)

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