Artnaturals is a company that provides essential oils at a cheap price. However, they don’t offer much information about the testing and the origin of the oil which bothers me. But they do claim that it has been tested.

They offer a large variety of essential oils which are not just cheap but are available for a variety of purposes. However, there is no guarantee that the oils are safe to use.

The customer service is great and will help you with any kind of problem or any kind of information you need. Plus, the website has a nice lay out and is easy to understand and use.

You must be thinking how this brand made it into our list even though it’s missing one of the most important factors, the scientific evidence. Well that’s because of these immense positive reviews. Artnaturals are flooded with amazing reviews and there must be something that everyone loves about this company and trusts them this much to continue using their essential oils.

  • Numerous positive responses from consumers
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Great customer service and amazing return policy
  • Strong scent
  • Well designed and easy to use website
  • Not clear about origin of oils as well as testing of products

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